Webelos (4th and 5th grades)

Webelos…We’ll Be Loyal Scouts!

The Webelos Scout program is a two-year transition program between Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts.  The boy becomes a Webelos Scout upon graduation from the Bear program in the spring of third grade.  Boys new to Cub Scouting can become Webelos if they are 10 years old or have completed third grade, and have earned the Bobcat badge.

During these two years, the Webelos Scouts have two badges of rank they can earn and 20 activity badges. These two ranks are: Webelos badge and the Arrow of Light award. Usually the boys earn the Webelos badge during the first year, and the Arrow of Light during the second year.

Instead of working on achievements and electives (as with the younger ranks), a Webelos Scout works to complete a series of hobby and career Activity Badges.

The Activity Badges are grouped into the following themes:

Physical Skills Group:


Technology Skills Group:


Mental Skills Group:


Outdoor Skills Group:


Community Skills Group:

-Family Member

* Fitness and Citizen are required for the Webelos Badge
** Outdoorsman and Readyman are required for the Arrow of Light Award

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