Male Leader’s Uniform

All men who are Cub Scout leaders wear the same uniform with blue shoulder loops.  The official uniform consists of the following parts:

Trousers or Shorts – Official olive trousers or shorts are available in cotton, olyester/cotton blend and polyester/wool blend.

Shirt – Official tan shirt is abailable with long or short sleeves, button down pockets, and blue epaulets.

Socks – Olive socks are available in three lengths ankle, crew and knee.

Belt – Leaders may opt to wear the olive web belt or an official leather belt.

Cap – Leaders who opt to wear a cap may wear the blue and gold leaders’ cap or wear the same visored cap as the youth they serve.

Leader Neckerchiefs – A Cub Scout leader neckerchief with navy blue with gold edging and gold Cub Scout emblem may be worn by all Cub Scout leaders.  Specialized neckerchiefs are also available for Tiger Cub den leaders and Webelos den leaders.

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