Female Leader’s Uniform

Women who serve as adult leaders in the Cub Scout program have two uniform options.

Tan/Olive Uniform

Female leaders may wear the tan and olive uniform, identical to the one worn by men. Uniform options for women also include culottes or a skirt, and a scarf is available as a neckwear option. Female leaders who wear culottes or a skirt may opt to wear hose instead of the uniform socks.

Blue/Gold Uniform

Female leaders in Cub Scouting also have the option of wearing a blue and gold uniform, consisting of:

Trousers, shorts, skirt, or culottes—Official blue.

Blouse—Yellow shirt is available with long or short sleeves, button-down pockets, and epaulets.

Socks—Official blue socks are available in three lengths: ankle, crew, and knee. Female leaders who wear culottes or skirt may opt to wear hose instead.

Belt—Official blue web belt with the Cub Scout logo.

Cap—Leaders who opt to wear a cap may wear the blue and gold leaders’ cap or they wear the same visored cap as the youth they serve.

Neckwear—Options include the Cub Scout leader neckerchief, special neckerchiefs for Tiger Cub den leaders and Webelos den leaders, or an official scarf.

Note: While leaders may opt to wear either the tan/olive or the blue/gold uniform, mixing components is not permitted; e.g., the olive skirt with the yellow blouse is not an official uniform option.

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